As multipotential, multi-talented, multi-passionate people, we can easily get confused and overwhelmed when trying to choose which of our talents or abilities are best suited to a business. The coaches, healers and Lightworkers I work with have each had over a decade (and sometimes an entire lifetime!) of experience that influences and enhances what they do. So being able to articulate what they do, come up with a business name or even just focus on the ‘one thing’ that can create breakthrough success can be challenging.

In this self-paced mini-class, I explain a simple process for identifying the talents and skills that bring you the most personal fulfillment and bring others tremendous value, then matching them to a business structure.

Introduction – What you’ll get out of this process

Part 1: Identify times in life where you felt deeply fulfilled, happy and in flow


Part 2: Identify which talents, abilities or activities you were doing at those times


Part 3: List which activities add value for which others would pay money


Part 4: Explain what you did to get those opportunities or answer “How did I manifest them?