If you feel that you are ready, or close to ready, to share your message with the world, then read on.

For the last two years my private mentoring has been available by invitation only. But as you have been following me for a while, I wanted to reach out and see if this might be a good fit for you.

Why? Well after my recent TEDx talk at PeterboroughI had a lot of requests for this. But it’s more than that. Recently I’ve become more and more tuned into my purpose, and I’ve seen very clearly that my dharma here on earth is to activate as many Lightworkers as I can, to get their work out into the world.

So for me it’s not just about about helping any small business, taking the owner by the hand through the steps to the big stages and TV screens. It’s about opening my world up to more Lightworkers since this is my purpose, and Lightwork is definitely a niche where media help is needed.

If you are a coach, healer, energy worker or in a similarly helping, spiritual role, then you will be very, VERY tuned into your work. But you will likely not be so tuned into the world of marketing, public speaking and PR – the methods of getting your work in front of a bigger, and eventually global audience.

If you can imagine having your work known and shared in other countries, but aren’t sure how you would make that happen, then this is where I come in as your mentor, guide and translator!

I’m a Lightworker myself, but I also have a 20+ year career history in TV and global media. I can bridge that gap for you, and most importantly, take your work to the global stages. From there you can fulfil your own dharma of helping more and more people that may never have found you before.

This is what it’s all about!

If you are keen to begin walking your path towards a future in helping people globally, then take a look here at my two tiers of mentoring – available for application from today!


“But what if I’m not ready?”

I’ve got you covered there too. If you love the sound of going global but don’t think you or your business are ready for it yet, then I have a Free Masterclass that you can watch to give you more insight and answer some of those big questions you have.

I recorded this just a few days ago with a lovely group of live attendees from several countries. Some of those in attendance were completely new to this topic, and others were current Global Luminary Academy students of mine. So you get to hear questions and comments from both ends of the spectrum.

Sign up for immediate access to the replay video here, and you will find free gifts and offers there too.