Define your Personal Brand Identity to clearly communicate the Brilliance of YOU using AUTHENTIC, the Personal Branding system, created by Dr. Andrea Pennington.

This 10-day online bootcamp includes on-demand lifetime access to in-depth training videos, comprehensive fillable worksheets, a digital copy of our signature branding book, AUTHENTIC, plus 3 live Q&A sessions with Dr. Andrea.

This program is ideal for the expert, coach, healer or consultant who already has professional experience, wants to establish a greater presence and impact in the world and needs to take the guesswork out of building a prestigious personal brand.

Take immediate action to launch your authentic personal brand with specific instruction, guidance and feedback on precisely how to Position, Present and Promote yourself as a credible authority in the marketplace.

Specifically, during this 10-day Bootcamp you will:

  1. Define Your Brand Identity (Brand ID) which includes writing clear positioning statements which fully explain the essence of your: purpose, passion, personality, values and vibe. You will finally be able to articulate what you do, who you ideally serve and why you are credible without bragging or coming across as egotistical.
  2. Identify Your Target Audience which includes writing an Avatar Profile document describing your ideal customer which fully explains their problems, their blocks to progress, and what they need to succeed. This helps you ensure that everything you write or say is aligned with and creating a connection to your ideal customer.
  3. Create Your Brand Style Book which includes your cohesive brand identity, your signature style, image guide, color palette, and fonts. Having everything in one Brand Style Book makes it easier to communicate with and direct designers, marketers, copywriters and assistants.
  4. Compose your Brand Positioning Statements which clearly communicate your core strengths, special abilities, success stories, results you provide, problems you solve and your unique value proposition.
  5. Create Your Brand Encyclopedia which includes a comprehensive collection of your brand’s core messages including your: slogan/tagline, mission, key takeaway points, methodology, values, vision, tone of voice, writing style. This will prepare you and your team to effectively communicate in a consistent way, creating resonance with your target audience.
  6. Determine your Communication Strategy which helps you streamline your content delivery to places your target audiences prefers. Whether you choose to blog, Vlog, microblog on social media or write books and academic articles for journals, you will craft a strategy and build a quarterly content calendar to keep yourself focused and accountable.


Dr. Andrea Pennington is a medical doctor, global media strategist, international TEDx speaker and best-selling author. She is the creator of AUTHENTIC: The Personal Branding System.

As a sought-after TV personality and journalist, Dr. Andrea has been featured on iTV, CNN and multiple times on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Dr. Oz Show and the Today Show and served as Medical Director and Spokesperson for Discovery Communications. She enjoys high visibility with the world’s largest media brands including Thrive Global, HuffingtonPost and LUXE-TV.