Global Luminary Academy

The Global Luminary Academy

An exclusive one-year mentoring program to empower you to have an extraordinary global impact with your business.

This comprehensive program is designed for people who want to reach a minimum of 1 million people with their message and products.

Our packages are for serious action-oriented professionals! Programs start at $18K per year and go up to an invitation-only VIP Branding Package for $50K.

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The video above explains the 5 Stages of Business Growth on your path to becoming a Global Luminary. Click here to get the Essential Elements checklist.

What does the Global Luminary Academy involve?

  • Define Your Brand Identity & Brand Signature
    Well beyond your USP, it’s time to clearly define the unique, precious gift of YOU that the global marketplace is waiting for
  • Target Your Tribe
    A detailed market analysis to determine your ideal client and niche. In-depth positioning strategy with a complete online marketing plan and social media implementation matrix
  • Create a Global Communication Strategy
    Our creative expertise at bringing forth your authentic voice, message and philosophy will help to establish you as an authority in your niche — at home and across the globe.
  • Experience Personal & Professional Growth
    Becoming a leader in transformation and a speaker with high visibility requires internal growth and professional development. Mentoring and training with Dr. Andrea will prepare you for exposure on the global stage.

How is the Mentoring delivered?

  • Personal sessions with Dr. Andrea
    You will meet with Dr. Andrea in person or via video conference to monitor your progress on each project.
  • Total Access to Online Digital Training Library
    You have personal access to all online training products and digital courses including: Personal Branding Bootcamp, 5 Keys to Media Success, Speaker Circle VIP Training, and the Enlightened Entrepreneur Masterclass Series

Sustained Support for Growing Your Brand Presence
Over the course of one year, we will create and implement the following key elements to prepare you to launch your brand into the stratosphere. The focus and objectives of this 1-year program shall be agreed upon by Client and Mentor at the start of the program and reviewed with the necessary frequency so as to continue growth, progress and productivity. Some focus areas include:

Brand Identity

  • Creative Brief of visual identity including graphics, photos, colors and fonts
  • Visual mapping of your online platform and creative brief for website design

Marketing Strategy & Plan

  • Marketing plan targeted to your niche
  • Marketing calendar
  • Identify key media channels
  • Identify top online channels relevant to your message

Content strategy

  • Identify key messages and your core philosophy which will position you as an authority in your niche
  • Development content development schedule to include: Blogging, microblogging, podcasting and more as appropriate
  • Intellectual Property (IP) development: leverage your wisdom and expertise to create proprietary programs to expand your presence and profits globally

Health & Wealth Insurance

  • Dr. Andrea knows what it takes to have a long, flourishing career — making a commitment to protect and nurture YOURSELF!
  • Strategies to prevent ‘entrepreneurial burnout’ and recovering from breakdowns and setbacks are critical to your longterm success. Ongoing accountability and support for your inner transformation will be safeguarded with Dr. Andrea’s guidance and instruction.
  • Mindfulness, meditation and positive psychology strategies to build your resilience are included with this mentoring program.

Who is The Global Luminary Academy for?

The Global Luminary Academy is most appropriate for people aiming to build a 6-figure personal brand business (minimum). The Academy is designed to help you achieve a striking presence, authority and higher level of prestige in the global marketplace.

Want to expand your reach and go global?

Ready to scale to 7-figures? With more intensive mentoring, press & communications services and media or speaker training, some clients invest between $50,000 – $100,000 a year to work with our team to develop personal brand products and leverage your intellectual property (IP). In our invitation-only VIP Branding Package we only work with individual clients where there’s a clear opportunity to create hundreds of thousands of dollars of value.

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