Disruptive Branding – An interview with Ketan Makwana

by | Dec 11, 2016

I recently spent some time with Ketan Makwana, host of #LeagueOfDisruptors

We really got into what helps personal brands stand out, create better content by being in ‘flow’ and how to create a career that stands the test of time.

Ketan asked me to explain how to create a 100 x Impact through leveraging your brand & expertise and I shared my best tips!

  • Learn how I help changemakers, conscious entrepreneurs and transformational leaders 10-100x their impact by leveraging their expertise in the creation of an authentic global brand presence, by publishing books & digital media, courses and by providing intensive retreats to empower people to put their creativity into reality.
  • You’ll discover why Make Your Mark Global is much more than a branding or marketing agency. We bring forth disruptive, out-of-the box concepts in wellbeing, science and entrepreneurship that will have a lasting impact on individuals, communities and mother Earth, too.