The Wisdom You Wish You Had in Your Younger Years

Notes To My Younger Self Volume 2 compiled by Kezia Luckett proves that with age and experience comes the silver lining of wisdom.  

When you were younger, did you ever wish for a mentor that really got you?  Many of us crave to have somebody with an understanding approach show us the way through challenges; as opposed to being told what we ‘should’ do by a well-meaning parent or authority figure.  

As for self-love, we all know it is vital for happiness, but how many of us would know where to start?

Most of us will figure life out as we go, beginning to know and love ourselves over time.  But what if we could get a head start, a little preview of the lessons to come, or some wisdom from a future version of ourselves, or at least from somebody we can relate too?

Kezia Luckett is the CEO of Women of Contribution and the creator of the Pay It Forward series of books.  In the second book of her series, Notes To My Younger Self Volume 2, Kezia and her co-authors bring you wisdom from women you can relate to and draw strength from.

As Kezia says; “Although the growing pains of youth are challenging at the time, as we grow older, we can all look back on life’s lessons with perspective, taking from them the skills and knowledge that will serve us well in our future years on earth.”

The Pay It Forward Series: Notes to my Younger Self, Volume 2 is due for release on March 8th, 2019,  and can be pre-ordered here on Amazon now.

If you are going through a difficult period of your life, then let these wise female authors remind you that pain comes before growth.  What challenges us often becomes a powerfully life-defining moment, opening our minds to new possibilities.

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