Becoming a published author can boost your career or business in so many ways.  Yes, it takes a little bravery to share a personal story.  And yes, you will have to do battle with the procrastination monster.  But the business and personal boost you get from having your book out there in the world is an evergreen one – meaning that you continue to reap the rewards long after you’ve published.

I’ve been published multiple times, and
today a part of my work is publishing Lightworkers and coaches to help them
elevate their brands and grow their following.

Want to know what I think the top 10 best things about being an author are?  These are just my thoughts from my own experience in media and publishing, but if you can think of more then do leave your top tips in the comments.

 #1 It changes lives

Okay, that might sound a little
dramatic.  But think about it from the
reader’s point of view.

How many times have you read a non-fiction book that has taught you something, or inspired you to make a change in your life?

How awesome would it be to help others in this way too!

#2 Reach a wider audience worldwide

Books can reach new people almost anywhere
on the planet.  It’s a great way to grow
your tribe and expand your reach.

The second group book that I was invited to participate in (and the first book I really shared my personal story) was called Heart to Heart.

At first I was a little unsure about getting so personal, as my earlier career in TV and medicine had trained me for the opposite.  But as I was learning how to embrace my authentic self and allow that to be a part of my true brand identity – this was the perfect opportunity.

For the first time, the real me was getting out there to the masses!  And almost straight away I saw evidence that when I opened up to the world, a whole new world opened up to me too.

People loved the honesty.  Far from my fear of appearing weak, I started to hear from people I’d never met before that my story had touched them.

Furthermore, by being in a group book the writing burden was lifted.  I only had to write one chapter, not a whole book.  And this got my name onto Amazon as an author.

Do you know what the number one search engine for books is?  Yes, it’s Amazon!

#3 Adds credibility to your name

If you are a coach, healer, Lightworker, or
any other kind of small business owner, then having been published is a great
way to add a sense of authority to your brand.

Having a book to share on your LinkedIn
Profile and business website demonstrates that you are not just a ‘new coach’
who came down in the last shower, but that you have a history in your given
area of work.

#4  Connects you deeply to your audience

Your current audience may well know you for
your purpose and mission in the world.
But do they know why you have the sense of purpose and mission that you

Your backstory is so important to building a deeper connection with your tribe.  Your story humanizes you in a way that lasts.  Stories connect us on an emotional level, and those emotions make you more memorable.

In a book that I published last year, The Real Self Love Handbook, I shared my own journey with cultivating self-love as a former over-achiever and perfectionist.  This allowed the reader to get to know me as a multi-dimensional, real human being, and not just credentials and a face they see on YouTube or Facebook.

#5 Increases your confidence

Getting published, even in a group book,
can be a great confidence booster!

If you were previously not feeling
credible, or if you were unconfident promoting yourself in a second language as
has been the case for many of our authors, then getting something of yours in
print that you can refer people too feels really good.

Many of our authors at Make Your Mark Global are working with us in English when it is their second or third language.  What better way to know you have ‘made it’ in another language than to write a book, right?

#6 Get invitations to speak

Actually, you can get paid better for your
speaking too!

You will find that, as a published author,
you will start getting more ‘serious’ paid invitations to speak, rather than
being asked to do things for free.

This relates to point 3 about elevating your credibility.

#7 Charge a higher rate

Point 6 above also leads nicely onto this
one – you are able to charge more for your services.

If you are currently struggling to charge enough for your coaching, speaking or other services, and wondering when it is appropriate for you to raise your prices, then this can help.

With the above-mentioned increased
credibility, and the more requests coming your way, you can begin to look at
your calendar and be more discerning about what and who gets your time.

After a while your business will become less about taking any client you can get, to taking clients who can afford your rates.

#8 Media opportunities

Media interviews are the stuff of dreams
for small businesses and personal brands trying to climb the ladder.  Media can bring you a huge influx of
visibility and followers.

When bookers are looking for interview guests, they want to see reasons to choose you.  Having the words ‘published author’ in your bio is a great start, and it shows them you have some real material behind your message.

Just for a couple of examples, when I published The Orgasm Prescription, that made me very sellable to UK TV, where I had reached number 1 in the charts.  If you haven’t seen it, there’s a fun clip of me talking about it on the UK TV show This Morning here on YouTube.

One of our authors at Make Your Mark Global, Rob Goddard, has recently been on a few UK podcasts, news sites and radio shows, including the BBC, to talk about his book Suicide to Success.

LEFT: Rob at BBC Radio Berkshire RIGHT: At a book launch with me near Cannes

The point is, when you have a published book about your story, it gives your story credibility, and that makes your story more attractive to the media.

Rob is also a contributing author on our latest release, The Top 10 Traits of Highly Resilient People, so he’s really getting his message out there!

#9 Attract more clients

A lovely example of this is Yvette TaylorHer book is about the methodology and research behind her work with the Energy Alignment Method.  Yvette’s business has gone from strength to strength and she just keeps growing as her methodology is so well respected.

#10 It’s a healing journey for you

Okay, this reason is a little surprising!  Many authors have come to Make Your Mark Global for the reasons above… but they didn’t expect this added bonus, and it can sneak up on them too.

If you’ve had challenges in your life and that’s a part of what you are writing about, then the process of sharing your story is really quite cathartic.

This is in part because you are allowing
yourself to look back over past events with the perspective you have today – a
little like doing therapy.  And also in
part because in taking the brave step to put the pain of your past out there
into the world, you are letting go of any awkwardness or shame that you felt
about it.

I’m not saying it’s an easy thing to do, and I’m no stranger to authors of mine having a little wobble on launch day – I’ve been there too!  But nobody I’ve met has ever, ever regretted sharing their journey.

That act of making yourself vulnerable is
one of the strongest and most impressive things to do, and your readers will
not judge you (like you perhaps fear) – they will thank you for it.

You will see evidence of this in our books reviews – people thank our authors all the time for having the courage to share, as that means the reader can understand that they are not alone.

If you are lucky, you might even get a personal email or two from a reader who you’ve helped with your courage to share.

There’s no feeling quite like it!

If you are feeling ready to start your writing adventure, then take a look at the two group books I will be publishing in 2020.  I’m currently calling for authors for both a book on Holistic Healing, and a book on Manifesting Love, which was inspired by the love stories of some of my wonderful tribe members over the years!