Interview with Stephan Conradi

Stephan Conradi is an entrepreneur, diver, speaker and now writer, based on the beautiful island of Mallorca.

Keen on sports, Stephan is no stranger to pushing his limits.  But as his story in Magic and Miracles sheds some light on, sometimes we push ourselves too hard in the wrong direction.

Stephan believes that the universe had been sending him signs for years; sometimes in the form of illness, and once in the form of an out of body experience.

Dedicated to his family and business, it took him a while to accept that it was time to change his path in life.  

Stephan is one of the 21 authors who co-authored Magic and Miracles with me, and I know his story will resonate with many driven people who also throw themselves, sometimes a little too hard, after their goals in life.

Dr. Andrea – So Stephen, you and I have something in common.  We’ve both had an out of body experience. This is something you share in your chapter of Magic and Miracles, A Birth, a Knockout and a Miracle all within 4 days.

Tell us a little about what happened in your running race – a crucial part of this whole story.

Stephan – It’s a race I’ve joined in with regularly in recent years.  It happens in May in the village I live in, here in Mallorca.  It’s an off road race on a track I know well. It was going to be a hot day, 25 centigrade (77 Fahrenheit) and the problem began for me when I didn’t eat or drink enough prior to the race.

We all know we should hydrate and fuel our bodies before a big race.  But sometimes nerves take over. So I didn’t prepare well enough.

When I started running I kept my pace steady.  I hadn’t trained much, but it was only a 10k run, so that wasn’t a big problem.  I knew that the last part of the race was uphill without shade, and there were no water stops on the course.  So I had this in mind when I started off gently.

But the problems came for me when I let my enthusiasm take over.  I started matching my pace with a guy in front, and I wanted to go at his speed.  My heavily pregnant wife and daughter were waiting at the end, and I wanted to do it for them.

In the last part of the race, I felt the collapse coming.  My legs felt strange, then I fell to the stony ground. And then the strange thing happened.

As I was knocked out, I felt myself drift.  I was aware of somebody from the crowd pouring water onto my face…

But as I tried to come around and look at what was happening, I realized I was looking down at a pair of legs – I didn’t realize they were mine at first.  I had a very comfortable feeling where I was, suspended just above myself. I felt everything was okay, happy and in balance.

Then I was scooped up into a vehicle that drove me down the hill to the ambulance, which couldn’t get all the way up the running trail.  I hadn’t connected to my body yet, but knew I was being moved. Lying in the ambulance, I was looking at the ceiling and still not feeling very much, apart from an injection they gave me.

I was aware of a medic asking me questions in English.  He asked my name and where I was from. I responded that I was 97 and from Bulgaria!  I have no idea why that came out of my mouth.

I didn’t reconnect to my body until I woke up in the Consultant’s room of the hospital.  I awoke and recognized my body; my arms and legs felt like my own again. I was really relaxed and felt quite well.  Then my wife, Caroline, came in to see me. I looked at her pregnant belly and just knew everything was okay.

Dr. Andrea – I know there was a lot more to your experience while you were out of your body, but I don’t want to give away everything that you share in the book.  But you know, something really interesting that you said in your story was that the doctors wanted to keep you in the hospital for a few days – but then Caroline went into labor!

Stephen – Yes!  The doctors were talking about moving me to intensive care overnight.  So I stayed one night then asked to be discharged. They said no and kept me another night.  During the second night, I got a phone call at 5am from Caroline, who was having contractions.

I checked myself out so I didn’t miss the birth.

Dr. Andrea – So you went from a magical experience, straight into another. Then in the next year or two, you went through a number of knocks and health issues that you describe in the book as really being a wake up call, or a series of them.  So tell us about that.

Stephen – When the baby came, the birth was good and everything seemed fine.  But I fell into a period of depression for the second time on my life.  

It felt like constantly falling down and was very draining.  I call my depression my ‘mud bucket’, as that’s what it feels like to me.

It happened over the summer, and I spent some time trying to pull myself out using techniques I’d learned the first time I was unwell.

This time was different in that it came with more physical symptoms.  Over the autumn I caught a cold that lasted all the way to the end of the year.  I found myself being diagnosed with a respiratory infection, and walking out of the pharmacy with a big bag of medication.

After the medication ended, the lung infection came straight back.  So I started to wonder what was going on with me. Looking back, this was a call for me to pay attention to myself.  I then developed an ear infection, which ruptured my eardrum while I was lying in bed. It was so surprising and painful.

So this was another call for me to pay attention to my body and my health.

Dr. Andrea – What’s so interesting about the story you share in Magic and Miracles is the succession of health-related events throughout, all vying for your attention.

Stephen – During this time, in part to do with having another child, I was arguing with Caroline a lot.  I just thought this was normal as we had more pressure on us now.

Then I developed a skin problem, and I could really feel that my skin would flare up and itch more when I was stressed.  It would spread across my arms. It’s commonly known that skin responds to emotions. And I realized there was a lot in my mind that I wasn’t comfortable or happy with.  It was yet another call for me to pay attention to myself.

Dr. Andrea – So there was a lot going on for you.  With this string of health challenges, and while looking after a second child, you and Caroline are running your own business in Spain.  

So take us to earlier this year, 2018, how we met, and how things started to change.  I know that meeting Steinar Ditlefsen and Stig Severinsen in Alicante at the European Transformational Teachers Gathering, seemed to be a big shake up for you this year.

Stephen – Alicante was the place that made me realize I needed to change; but not just a little bit – but drastically!  The community of people at this event were so welcoming and opened my up to so much more.

Dr. Andrea – So with the realizations you had in Alicante, you started to understand that you really did have to listen to all the signs the universe was giving you.  So you started putting the pieces together and you realized you needed to make a change in your work?

Stephan – Yes.  I met several really inspiring people, and listened to the speakers on the stage.  These few days in Alicante were so intense. A few weeks later, I was still digesting what I’d learned.  But I felt really ready to take some action.

The end result was that we decided to sell our business, as I was really ready to move on to something else.  

I’m so happy that the event in Alicante was my starting point for change.

Dr. Andrea – So now with this wisdom and new perspective you are able to look back over the events in your life. You’ve shared with me before that now you really want to get out and share more about what happened in your life.  And to really help more people with the craziness of their lives.

Stephan – That’s right.  I really want to share what I’ve learned.  And I don’t just want to share the pain and disease parts of my story; I want to share the positive side of illness and the lessons that came from it all.

Also, with being a diver, I realized that I was feeling my best when I was in water – especially during my depression.  So I want to create something that helps people with breathing, their wellbeing, and being around water. I know how much it helps me, and it doesn’t make sense to keep this just for myself when I know it could help so many others too.

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