Interview with Karena Virginia

Karena Virginia is an inspirational speaker and healer who brings deep spiritual mysticism to the modern world in a cozy and embracing style. Karena shares Kundalini Yoga and spiritual practices to heal the trauma that resides in our energy bodies and allow the love from our hearts to shine forth so we can live a life of fulfilment, happiness, and health.

Karena is a member of Oprah Winfrey’s Belief team, and her passion is to bring the technology of ancient and miraculous healing to the masses as seen in her highly acclaimed yoga video, “The Power of Kundalini Yoga,” the popular “Relax and Attract” App and her latest book, Essential Kundalini Yoga, which is bringing light and transformation into the hearts of many people around the world.

In my new book, Magic and Miracles, Karena shares the story of her husband being in the World Trade Center on 9/11, and her visit from Angels.

Dr. Andrea – First of all, thank you for opening up and sharing your very personal story in Magic and Miracles.  You and I have both experienced things since childhood that we couldn’t always explain or talk about openly, like angels in your case.  Not a lot of people would share openly and publish these experiences in books. So I’m really glad you did.

But I know that you believe, like I do, that now is the time for us to share some of the magic that is available to us, so that we can get through these challenging times.

Karena – I really do. I also feel that if we don’t share these things, we are likely to fall into depression.  That pressing down of our calling and not sharing becomes stuck energy. In Kundalini Yoga, it’s that stuck energy rising up that creates the awakening in us.

When my husband and I were in Paris just a few weeks ago, I was looking at the beautiful art in the museums.  I was thinking to myself, “That is God working through a paintbrush. It wasn’t a human being that created that.”

We had a museum tour, and the guide was talking about the various artists.  She was telling stories about different artists, describing how some art was considered ‘flawed’, and another artist was considered ‘weird’.

I thought, “Wow, okay, thank God these artists kept painting. These pieces of art are miracles.“

I think that right now we are living in a spiritual renaissance.  I know that many of my friends and I are getting these incredible messages to share our gifts.  And many of us don’t even consider what we do to be a gift because it’s what we’ve always done since childhood.

When we talked about our gifts as children, we were told that we were imagining it.  “You’re just playing fairies, it’s not real.”

So we learned how to feel different and separate from others.  And all we really want now is to not feel separate. But bringing some of our gifts to the surface can easily bring up these old feelings of being different and misunderstood.  Of course this creates barriers.

But we are here now, and we are artists.  We have a legacy to leave. So if I’m an artist holding a pencil then let God move it and show me what he wants to share.

You know me, I’ve shared some powerful messages I’ve received on social media, and then deleted it moments later, or made the post private.  I’ve wanted to keep the message, but it doesn’t always feel like I can share it with everyone.

I feel there are many of us who hold our gifts back.  So I wonder, if this is you, what are you afraid of? I learned years ago that we are often afraid of being too much, too magnificent.  If we let all of our energy out there, what will people think? Will they not want to be around us because we trigger something for them?  So many of us learn to play small and not let it out for these sorts of reasons.

Dr. Andrea – This is definitely something we’ve had in common.  I grew up with this feeling once I understood other people didn’t have visions or premonitions.  But since I’ve been working with other people who have these gifts, I’ve wondered if we maybe even have generational ties to this fear of sharing our gifts.  

In previous generations, people with these gifts were burned at the stake for being witches!

But as you’re saying, I also feel it’s the time to think about the legacy we want to leave.  So are we willing to step into our greater purpose?

Karena – That 100% hits the nail on the head.  What we are seeing with a lot of spiritual teachers who found their way is they started in a niche that wasn’t really authentic for them, so they would crash and burn.  And we both saw that ourselves in our own lives. We’ve both had to let past careers and directions go.

This has never been about being famous, it’s about making a difference in the world.  When I leave this planet, I’m not going to be focused on how many fans I have, but how many lives I’ve touched.

One of the beautiful people I met just couple of months ago was Gloria Steinem.  I was telling her about some of my experiences in life, and she said something that was just so beautiful.

She said, “Listen.  I love when people call me a bitch.
I said, “You do?”
And Gloria said, “Oh yeah!  When people call me a bitch it’s the greatest compliment because it means I’m making a difference in the world.”

I felt that her mission in life is not about being famous, it’s about being the change that we need in this world.

She also said, “I’m not handing the torch to anyone when I cross over.  I’m lighting as many torches as I can now.”

That’s what my mission is.  Let me light up as many people as I can.  I don’t need to be famous, I just need to leave light and magnetic frequencies on this planet.

Dr. Andrea – I just love how you’ve described that, because it’s so much like what I’ve felt over the last year.

My role right now is to activate as many Lightworkers as possible, so there is this stream of light opening up across the planet.  And also magnetizing and magnifying the light and love that I truly believe exists within all of us. We can create the sparks that start to wake people up.

Karena – Absolutely!  And it’s not about ego.  When we were teaching at 1440 Multiversity, one of the most famous yoga teachers in the world was there with us.  We had dinner together and we started talking about his subject. She’s also very much a pioneer in this movement we are talking about.  

She was saying how easy it is, IF we let our egos get involved, to feel threatened by younger, gifted people coming in. She’s seen it so often. And she had this with an up and coming young yoga teacher who approached her and said, “I want to learn everything from you.”

So she responded by saying, “I will teach you everything, as long as when you have a name like I have, you make sure that when a younger, magical person comes along you also give her what I’m giving you.”

It was so beautiful!  So what about if all of us with gifts all started to do this?  Rather than worrying about someone taking our words or copying us, but instead we think about how these are God’s words coming through us, they were never ‘ours’.

I think a lot of people are really thinking about what it is to be authentic now.  Rather than just putting on a suit that doesn’t fit us, because that’s not sustainable.

Dr. Andrea – Nope!  Been there and done that.  It’s not good for the soul either.

So we really have to talk about your story in Magic and Miracles!

Karena – And it’s so magical that the paperback copy arrived at your house just as we got on Skype, but before our interview started!

Dr. Andrea – So your story in this book that’s just come through my front door, Angels Are Among Us, is about how you were visited at a time you really needed it.  

Every person that I know was really feeling the shockwaves and sadness when the World Trade Center fell on 9/11.  And your first thought was concern for your husband who was working there at the time.

I’m just so struck by how the angels came to you.  Can you tell us a little about that?

Karena – I will never forget it.  Gabriella, my daughter, was six weeks old and so I was very hormonal.  I think that’s really important because, just last night, the message came to me again – I’d made a promise not to do this.

It’s funny when we come back to human existence and we get irritable and forget what we learned from an experience like this.  At the time this happened I was irritable too.

I was upset because I was a nursing mom with a six-week-old baby, I wanted to sleep, and my husband still wanted to play golf.  You know, this is very typical of being a new parent. My shadow side came out and I was extremely passive-aggressive about it!

So Tuesday morning came around, and my husband was at work in the World Trade Center.  My sister called and asked me if I was watching the news. I turned it on and saw what was happening.  In that moment I thought, “My husband is gone, and I didn’t appreciate him.”

That’s what I really thought in that moment.  It was so real and such a huge lesson in my life.

Of course, many people did leave us that day.  But not my husband. When he came home with his business partner, they were covered in debris.  I went to give him a hug and he didn’t want me to come near him.

I immediately went to a place of shame.  I thought he didn’t want me near him because he was mad at me for how I had been with him recently.  

In truth he was keeping me away because he was covered in all sorts of debris and needed to undress into the trash.  

Afterwards I did everything I could to make up for everything that had happened, to the point of exhaustion.  I was cooking, cleaning, taking care of the baby – and in this state your sympathetic nervous system takes over.  I didn’t have a chance to really experience the relief of him coming home. So I took my daughter upstairs, put some music on, and told myself I really needed to meditate.

This was when it happened.  I just started to cry and cry for all these people who had toothbrushes that were still wet in their bathroom, but who would never come home to use them ever again.  Then I had an experience much like ones I would have as a child.

In meditation I saw thousands of people who had died, but millions of angels with them.  It felt as if those angels had come to bring those souls up into heaven. I didn’t have any feelings of needing to share this or question it, but just to watch.

After this experience, I went into PTSD, but not in the way you usually hear about.  Most post traumatic stress responses come from the back of the brain, and they deeply affect our physicality.  Mine was more of a spiritual nature, where I went in and out of the physical symptoms. But I also recognized it.  In Kundalini Yoga we recognize that we have a part of the mind that, while negative, is there to protect us. When we feel danger it kicks into gear.

After my experience, I did start to tell people about it, and some people did push back.  I had students in my yoga class who had lost someone in 9/11. What I learned was that these people around me just needed me to love them.  They didn’t need to hear about my experience so soon after that day.

So in telling this story in this book, it’s the first time I’m really sharing this openly.  And I want to say that it’s not about me, it’s about knowing that there is more after we pass over.  

Dr. Andrea – Now that you have some distance from the event and you are more comfortable sharing – what’s your message for everybody?

Karena – It brings our conversation full circle really.  Everybody was born here with a gift. We often don’t realize that what we have is a gift because we are so used to it.  So the message is this. If you are a painter, pick up your paintbrush. If you are a musician, pick up your guitar.

So what is your gift?  And why are you afraid to shine?

If you are afraid of being rejected, misunderstood or failing – whatever it is… Can you honor that and work with your fear?

Please share your gifts and share them now.  This world really needs you.

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