Interview with Charlotte Banff

Charlotte Banff is a Lightworker for The Animals.  Her vision is to share the spiritual voice of The Animals, globally.

Charlotte lives with her husband (and a lot of animals), on their farm in Denmark. They host a variety of spiritual activities on the farm, combining the connection to nature and animals in mindfulness retreats and events.

She is an ambassador for two of the largest rescue centers for animals in Denmark. Her upcoming book,‘The Animals Know’, addresses an alternative perspective on Animal Consciousness from a spiritual level, and will broaden the knowledge of how to use and benefit from healing work for releasing trauma within Rescue Animals.

In my new book, Magic and Miracles, Charlotte talks about developing her gift, and the magical manifestation of the perfect farm from which to continue her work bringing people and animals closer together.

Dr. Andrea – I’m so glad that we get to share the experience of bringing Magic and Miracles to the world at this time.  Your life seems to be filled with all sorts of magic – and we have so much to explore!

And thank you for welcoming me to your farm this summer.  It was such a wonderful treat to get to know an animal healer who can communicate with animals, it was really special to see.

Let’s start of with the magic of you!  How can you communicate with the rescued, traumatized animals that come to you? Where did it all start?

Charlotte – For me, it has always been there the connection to the animals, since I was a kid.  I was always the one saying hi to all the dogs in the street, and knowing how the horses in the stable felt – if one was feeling sad, or his saddle was uncomfortable.  I just knew.

It wasn’t until later in life that it struck me that not everyone had this understanding.  So for me, it wasn’t about finding out that I could communicate with animals, but rather about finding out that not everybody else did.

But I do believe that we all have the ability, it’s our nature.  The work I do now enhances the skills I already had – it’s really about practice.

Dr. Andrea – In terms of all of us having these abilities to connect to source, to the universe, hear from animals – it sounds like an extra sense.  So if we all have that ability, I wonder how we don’t all pick up on our animal communication skills early on in life.

Do you think it’s because our parents would tell us that animals can’t “talk”?  Are we programmed away from it, or is it lack of awareness?

Charlotte – I think there is a lot of conditioning and influence from society – we are unconnected from nature and our natural state of being.  For me, using these skills is reconnecting to what we already know.

Animals are so connected to source, and they have really taught me a lot about what it’s all about.  Connecting to them helped me connect better to source. So who is healing who, really?

Dr. Andrea – If it is reconnecting, then what that says to me is that there is a whole world that we are missing out on.  And this is part of your mission, to help people connect with animals to heal and improve their awareness of source.

Charlotte – Absolutely.  I really trust that we all come from the same source.  So when we do bad things to animals, we are doing bad things to ourselves.  I do a lot of healing work with traumatized animals at rescue centers in Denmark. Some of them have some backstories that really show what humanity is doing to animals.  

What the animals have shown me is if we open ourselves to the divine, we can really unfold and connect to source.  The animals have really shown me what is there if we can begin to connect.

Dr. Andrea – So if animals come from source, as we do, we really are one family on this planet – some are furrier than others of course!  

Something you shared recently when we were together in London, is that you help animals connect to something you called an ‘oversoul’.  Can you tell us about that?

Charlotte – All animals (and humans) have a connection to an oversoul, a sort of group spirit for their species.  So there’s an oversoul for horses, dogs, cats, lemurs, snakes and so on. It’s a sort of collective consciousness.  The way that the animals’ energy system is structured, they are in a more constant connection with their oversoul. Whereas we humans, the way we are structured, we lose our connection more.  We have to try harder to get back to our oversoul.

I think one reason we feel so drawn to animals is because of our desire to reconnect, to our oversoul and to source.  I think we sense that in the animals, and they can show us the way through their empathy and their own connectedness.

What I’ve discovered through my healing work with traumatized animals is that they lose their connection to their oversoul due to the trauma us humans put them through.  And that loss of connection is traumatizing all over again. It’s heartbreaking.

When you meet an animal that has lost that connection, and they know they have lost it, I get Goosebumps every time.  I feel their sorrow and heartbreak. Animals are conscious about their connection to their oversoul – we humans are not.

When I experience these animals healing and reconnecting with their oversoul; this is my absolute WHY for doing this work.

Dr. Andrea – As you’re saying it, I’m seeing this mirrored in my own life.  Much of my depression was caused by being disconnected from my soul and who I was meant to be on this planet.  It’s really profound, as we often don’t have the words for that. So we give it the blanket term of depression, when it isn’t always a chemical imbalance.

You shared with me before a story about an elephant that you met.  So I would love for you to tell us about that. But before I take you down that path, I’ve just got to ask a bit more about reconnecting an animal with their oversoul.  

I’m wondering if you ever experience any resistance from an animal when you are healing them.  I’ve worked with traumatized people, and they often resist the healing due to feelings of unworthiness.  They feel undeserving. Is there less resistance with animals?

Charlotte – When animals go through their reconnection work, they have to work through their traumatic experiences.  And that’s not pretty – for animals or humans! But I’ve seen some animals reconnect very quickly with little resistance.

You referred to the elephant I met in Thailand.  She didn’t think that she was allowed to reconnect to her oversoul.  She knew she could, but she thought she wasn’t allowed. That was heartbreaking.  All I did was tell her she could and she was allowed. Then she just did it, she reconnected.

The change was instant, and her trainer was aware of the difference straight away.  These trainers know their elephants really well, and they do say that the elephants have bad memories that make them depressed.  This little elephant started interacting with us, moving around and eating, after having been so depressed up until the healing work

It is important just for a human to recognize that an animal is sad, as this acknowledges them as emotional and feeling beings.  

Dr. Andrea – So I wonder then, if these abilities you’ve had since childhood and developed as an adult have increased your connection to source, has that increased your sensitivity to manifesting?

Your story in Magic and Miracles is about the farm that you brought.  Do you think you manifested that? And if so, you have to tell us how!

Charlotte – I think that doing the energy work reconnects me to source. When we do that we allow ourselves to be in a space where the magic unfolds.  That’s were the good stuff is.

We had been looking for a farm for more than ten years.  Our horses had been living in livery yards, and we couldn’t take the dogs out for walks without putting them in the car and driving somewhere.  We lived in a nice house, but it just wasn’t ‘it’. We were dreaming of a place where we could have all our animals at home with us. Even having our business under that roof, and nature around us, and listening to the horses eating their hay in the evenings.  This was the dream but we didn’t think it was going to happen.

Then one day, it was just there in front of us.  We’ve always said that our old house, as we put fifteen years of work into, wouldn’t be sold the minute we finished doing it up.  Yet, that is exactly what we did. As soon as our house was finished, our farm appeared – so that’s what we did!

This farm was just 10 kilometers from our house, and we didn’t know!  So it seems we weren’t ready for it… until we were!

The whole process took two months.  The first person to view our house purchased it.  We did have to learn quickly about farming though.  Our land is big enough that we were required to farm it.  Luckily my husband is handy enough and can drive a tractor.

Dr. Andrea – So now you are running courses.  You help others learn how to connect with animals, hosting them at your farm.  Tell us a little about your business.

Charlotte – has been around for a number of years, but has really been brought to the next level this year.  The farm really intertwines with this business. It was the same sort of thing when I met my husband, we just connected.  Various mediums have told us that we have been together before, and have run healing centers together before in other lives too.

So why not integrate the farm as a healing center with my animal healing business?  Here we do the spiritual retreats and training in person. But we do also have online training courses, as not everyone can get to rural Denmark.  And this is not our knowledge to keep for ourselves, it really needs to be shared.

If I can share with people what I’ve learned from traumatized animals, then at least their suffering has not been completely in vain.  

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