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How to Turn Your Talents into a Business | A Mini-Class by Dr Andrea Pennington

As multipotential, multi-talented, multi-passionate people, we can easily get confused and overwhelmed when trying to choose which of our talents or abilities are best suited to a business. The coaches, healers and Lightworkers I work with have each had over a decade...

3 Ways to Describe What Makes You Unique (Your USP in Business) | Conscious Branding Podcast Episode 4

If you struggle with explaining what makes you or your business offerings unique this short episode is for you!

Your Unique Selling Proposition isn’t a mystical concept. There are aspects of your personality, the way you see the world and the way you show up that are totally UNIQUE to you! You can take action today with 3 tips to explain what makes you unique without bragging or being a show off.

Reclaiming my Intuition | Catherine McLeod

Top 10 Traits of Resilience | Ask the Author Have you ever felt the need to hide or even deny your spiritual 'woo woo' side? Many of us learnt to as children, as perhaps our families and friends, maybe even our school teachers, would tell us we were "just imaginative"...