Staying inspired and leading with positivity

From a psychological point of view, it is already well understood why times like these leave us feeling less inspired.  In order to feel motivated, we need to be able to plan ahead.

Without overstating the obvious, planning ahead in the midst of a global pandemic is something every Entrepreneur must approach with great caution.

When we can’t use future events as motivators, we can be left with a feeling of limbo.  Our focus switches to survival in the day to day, and feelings of hope and excitement are replaced with anxiety.

Those of us who once rocked the events world are needing to practice the good old ‘Entrepreneur’s Pivot’ right now, and switch everything to online only, even if that doesn’t inspire us or make our inner fire burn brighter.

We have to plan for the unknown – which sounds do-able in principle, but in the real world feels limiting and just not fun.

So where should we be focusing right now in order to re-ignite our passion and inspiration?  Here’s my 2 cents.

Focus on serving your people

For my company, Make Your Mark Global, my aim is to elevate talented Lightworkers, authors and thought leaders, and get them the media exposure their mission and message deserves.  As it stands right now, I might not be able to physically hold their hand as they step onto a stage – but there is still plenty I can do for them.

We each need to focus on where and how we can help the people that we are here to serve.

Rehearsals at TEDx Peterborough

The idea of once again sitting in an auditorium for a TED talk might seem really far off – but we can be scripting our talks and writing our pitches while we wait.  And if the worst should happen – no auditoriums for the foreseeable – then we get prepared to do these things online instead.

The world has changed, yes.  But it hasn’t stopped.

Where to pivot to

So here’s another problem I hope to solve in a few sentences, if you’ll bear with me.  I’ve heard friends and colleagues alike asking various forms of this question:

“Should we be focused on rebuilding our business like how it was for when normality returns?  Or should we change everything and plan for a new normal?”

They of course are wondering if they will be able to return to their old business models that included events, group workshops and travel. Or if they have to pivot to hosting everything online.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to decide everything right now, and that’s not really the most important question anyway.

What matters more in your business than the HOW, is the WHY.  So I think that instead of focusing on the technical minutia of how to host speakers at an event, or whether you should even still have giving a TED talk on your to-do list…  You first need to breathe.

Then, once you’ve taken a breath, change that question to be about WHY you want to do those things.  If your intention is clear, then how you deliver that to the world is less important.

Now more than ever, we just need to relax our grip on the how and trust in the Universe a little more.  When your why is clear, the how has a way of coming together.

So ask yourself – why are you passionate about your work?  Who are you here on planet Earth to serve?

I know that you are a gift to the world.  Now it’s your turn to trust yourself.  Remember what and who you got started for.

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Published first on Thrive Global, July 3rd, 2020.