What drives success, growth and expansion? Energy & Vision!

In this episode of The Enlightened Life, Dr. Andrea Pennington shares how her ‘dream vision’ of working for Discovery Channel became the nudge into her search for a way to live her ‘true purpose.’


This episode explains a lot of Andrea’s backstory, the cure for Imposter Syndrome and why she goes on rants! (lol) and why she is so committed to YOU! 💕❤️☯️😘

➤Andrea answers a fan question about why she appears so confident & relaxed on stage (while being so vulnerable!)
➤She explains how her ‘dark night of the soul’ led to her spiritual awakening
➤Andrea thanks her friend, Bea Benkova from the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women for allowing her to step into a new level of powerful self-expression 💜

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