Interview with Halina Goldstein

Halina Goldstein is a spiritual speaker, teacher and mentor. She lives in Denmark and works globally.

Halina is the founder of Awakening to Joyful Living.  Her mission is to help spiritual seekers shine their light more fully, live with purpose, and experience joy, love, and freedom in every area of their life.

In our troubled world there is a tremendous need for a joyful, peaceful, balancing presence from as many people as possible.

Halina contributed to my new book, Magic and Miracles, and I couldn’t wait to interview her about her chapter.  In her story she shares the events that led up to her overcoming loneliness by tuning into her deep, spiritual connection and finally feeling real self love.

Dr. Andrea –
In the short time, the 18 months or so that I’ve known you, I’ve heard you share many miraculous things.  So I knew Magic and Miracles would be a good one for you to contribute to.

Halina – There are so many ways in which we can experience a miracle; from meeting the right people at the right time, to unexpected occurrences, and the miracle of living.

Dr. Andrea – A big question which the book begins to address, is what do we call ‘a miracle’?  Do they have to be big, crazy experiences, or are there everyday miracles that we somewhat overlook?

In my opinion, if we were more open to this idea, then we may invite even more magic and miracles into our everyday lives.

Halina – Absolutely. I have noticed how relative this concept of a miracle is, depending on where we each are on our journey.  

I have seen some things in life that I just could not explain.  But at the same time I’m now noticing the smallest of things in daily life.  Our perception changes as we change, and it’s amazing to observe.

Dr. Andrea – In your Magic and Miracles chapter, I Am Home, one of the things that I love about it is that your story opens from a really tough time, to a feeling of bliss and complete oneness.  It’s quite a transformation!

So if you don’t mind, without giving too much away, I’d love to give the readers a little taste of that.

Halina –
This experienced I shared in the book was really intense.  At this time of my life I was really quite lonely, and had been for decades.

In spite of plenty of inner work on myself, there were still these tremendous waves of loneliness that I felt would just wash me to the ground.

The story takes place on one of these days where I was really in pain.  I had a complete change of state that was so powerful it moved me into total and complete bliss, in every sense of the word.  But I don’t want to give too much away in this interview as I want people to read my story!

But the essence of it was that it changed my perspective completely.  It showed to me that, as you’ve said to us before Andrea, no matter what is happening, there is another space we can go to.

Knowing that it was possible to change my state and look at life and reality differently, just changed everything for me.

Dr. Andrea – So what I take from that is knowing there is more than the 3D reality we see, and that we can open up to it, means that joy, peace, acceptance, and all those good things are already here with us.  We just need to change our perspective enough to see it.

In your story, you had gotten to a point where you had done a lot of looking externally.  Most of us don’t grow up enlightened, with our parents pondering the nature of reality with us!  But many of us have felt, “I’ll be happy when…”
We look externally for that sense of wholeness and happiness.  

So you had gone that way first, and really tried it all?

Halina – Yes, absolutely.  When I look back at my life, I had really tried to make happiness with other people, or to make others happy.  But each time a door would close. It really felt like life was not allowing me to be happy in the way I thought it was supposed to happen.  

It felt like life was pushing me towards my eventual realization of where I was supposed to look, which was inside myself.  When I finally accepted this and went through the process of opening up and learning to love myself, quite the opposite of what I expected happened.

Now that I have found the love and joy inside of myself, it’s so much more of a visible experience externally.  I found myself connecting with more people and having more beautiful experiences out here in the world.

Dr. Andrea – Part of what you share in the book, and you’ve told me this before, is that when we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, then we can feel that sense of belonging and connection.

But when a relationship ends, or you are removed from your family in another country for example – this to some people would sound like just words.  So how can people really get to feeling this way? We might hear the words and understand them intellectually. But what would you say to somebody who was in that situation, feeling alone, and struggling to feel love and connection?

Halina – I can so relate to that point!  When I first embarked on my self-love journey, it was only because there were no other options really.  There was nobody else to love me at that time, so I had to love myself. I resigned myself to that fact.

But you know, when the universe puts us in these positions and presents us with a journey, we are not alone with it. Life and the universe is there all around you. We are being invited, taken, pushed, or maybe even kicked into our journey of self-love.  We find ourselves in situations that require us to open up. Then we can start to experience this love. Finally, with these first experiences, our perception changes.

We begin to learn that self-love is more than a nice sentiment, and we start to really feel it.

Dr. Andrea – I picked up there on what you said, that life will kick us into action sometimes.  I often say that life will smack us upside the head! But it’s true, often we have to hit rock bottom before we surrender enough for our perspective to change.  

I wonder, in your opinion, would that higher power or the universe be guiding us because it wants the best for us?  You have said before that it wants to lead us back home to ourselves.  So what does that mean for you?

Halina – I think lots of people get this feeling from experiences they have had.  But they find it hard to talk about as we lack the words for these experiences really.  It sounds a little bit artificial, or perhaps religious – but really, it’s just about our feelings.

When I was in my dark space, which was a very difficult journey for around 40 years of my life – I did not feel that life was on my side.  I already mediated, I did feel my soul, but it seemed very distant. When things changed and I opened up, these feelings of love and support became very direct.  I felt it flowing through me.

To look back on my life now, I would say that I was guided. And not because I was going the wrong way.  It was about me receiving the experiences that I wanted to have.

You might call this a theory or a belief.  For me it’s a knowing. I think this can be explained best this way.  If you pass a stranger on the street, you recognize them as a person, but you don’t know anything about them.  If you then get to know that person, and the relationship becomes close, worlds open up between you.

That’s what the before and after difference feels like for me.  Before I awoke, my spiritual side was distant, just an idea, like a stranger.  Now I know it, and it’s a relationship.

Dr. Andrea – You created the Joy Keepers Network.  You told me before that if we practice joy daily, you really believe that making it a ritual can be a way to open up to your spiritual path.  And there’s no dogma, no rules, it’s just a personal experience. Tell us more about that.

Halina – I think there are three basic ways of opening to joy.  One is to do things that we know to bring us joy; like being in nature or with family.  Another practice is to do the deep inner work that removes our blocks to joy; such as going to therapy to work through our issues.

But the third way is to do very simple daily practices; such as practicing gratitude for example.  There is joy in gratitude, and you can stay with that feeling by just being open and practicing it.

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