Interview with Karin Eke

Karin is a Lightworker, mystic, energy healer, and empath.

After profoundly transformational experiences in 2010, she caught glimpses of her Higher Self and saw that it is possible to put a stop to all pain and suffering in the world. She opened up to infinite human potential, realised that magic is all around us and committed to becoming a true vibrational catalyst in order to help raise the vibration of the planet and empower others on their ascension path.

She now helps people to deeply connect with their Higher Self in order to create a life of unconditional love, flow, and inner peace.

Karin is one of the 21 authors who co-wrote Magic and Miracles with me. Her chapter in the book takes us on a part of her journey that was both tough and transformational. During the darkest of times, from her son’s illness to her chaotic divorce, it was a series of magical experiences that kept her hopeful and positive.

Dr. Andrea – It’s so exciting for me to interview, as you are somebody who has really inspired me to open my eyes more. I feel like you see light were many of us would only see the darkness.

I love the title of your chapter in Magic and Miracles, Twists and Turns May Make Me Learn, But Patience Never Fails Me.

Karin – Thank you. Of course it came from the saying, ‘sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.’

I’ve been through a lot of chaos in recent years, but just through this inner knowing that everything is going to work out, I’ve come through it.

When I look back to the first traumatic event in my story, finding out my son had health issues before he was born – I just knew there was a reason behind it.

Just thinking, ‘that’s just the way it is,’ really didn’t satisfy me as an answer. But I got my head down and got on with life at the time.

Dr. Andrea – Now, with the benefit of hindsight, you shared in the chapter about getting your Amniocentesis. When you look back now, your son is healthy and you got through everything. But you say you knew it happened for a reason, even though you had to just get on with things at the time – so how do you make sense of that all happening when you look back?

Karin – There are multiple reasons, and I don’t have an explanation for everything, but here’s how I see it. He’s had congenital heart disease, and we have a family history. My son had to open up his heart on a physical level, and talking about this with the family, they’ve had to open up their hearts in a different way.

There was a lot of heart opening, letting out more light, and giving more light that went on during this time. I don’t know if this will make sense to everyone, but this is how I see it today.

Dr. Andrea – Can you take us to the moment on you and your son’s journey where you had to go and see a therapist, and there was the first little sign of magic.

Karin – That was definitely where the magic started and I first thought, wow, we are so much more than the physical body! My son was having therapy, and I was feeling the benefit in my body while he was in his meetings. I didn’t even know what was happening in his sessions. But for me, I was feeling physical shifts, layers of blocked emotions were coming off – it was just magical.

Before we had even met this therapist I was feeling this energy just flowing around me. And I didn’t know anything about energy at the time.

Then as the meetings went on, it opened up doors to many different experiences. There were synchronicities in our lives; I often saw number sequences showing up while I was having great thoughts.

I started dropping things and tripping over. Then I realized that I would have these little accidents at the same time as I was having a negative or self-sabotaging thought. I started to realize that everything is energy. If I gave off a negative thought, it would boomerang back into my life as a negative experience, like tripping or dropping things.

So then began the process of noticing these things and working on my thoughts.

Dr. Andrea – You mentioned to me before that you even had a relationship with the weather.

Karin – Yes, that’s another thing. When I was having wonderful, positive thoughts, the sun would start to shine. When I was stuck in something negative; there was suddenly rain, or a big gust of wind would arrive to blow away a thought I wanted to get rid of. It was an amazing time!

Dr. Andrea – And you felt this harmony at home too, right? You talked before about being on a trip and your kids were just ready for bed at their bedtime, and with no drama. As a parent, I know how rare that can be!

Karin – At that point in time, I felt like I wasn’t ‘there’ anymore. I was still present in the room, having conversations with the kids, but I felt like I was observing rather than being ‘in’ things. This just shows how we are multi-dimensional beings. Our conversations are happening here, but it’s also vibrating elsewhere.

Dr. Andrea – So today you feel energy from other people, and you work with energy healing. But as you look back over your life, did you ever see any clues you had this ability, even as a child?

Karin – Not exactly. I used to daydream about this, but when I spoke about it I was told to close my mouth, as it wasn’t the right thing to do.

I think that part of me got shut down. I know when we look back into the past, many people do see clues. But not for me.

Dr. Andrea – So how did you come across the Quantum Touch modality? You said that the synchronicities brought you to several teachers and experiences – talk to me about that.

Karin – Quantum Touch came into my life at an absolutely divine time. I went through a chaotic divorce which began in 2013, and as that energy was leaving my space, it made space for new energy.

I got so excited about it while doing the online course that I signed up for a live course in Paris. At the beginning I couldn’t feel energy, and really didn’t know anything about it. But it just resonated with me completely, and I was in that flow state. I just knew it was for me and I needed to follow my intuition and take it a step further.

The first experience I had was after the first workshop, trying something called the Vortex Technique. I really stepped into the vortex! I was running energy, and I looked down at my hands, and I couldn’t see them.

My hands had completely disappeared – all I could see was energy.

It’s difficult to explain; I saw purple and blue lights, and it completely baffled me! So I looked away, looked back, and still couldn’t see my hands. My surprise quickly turned to fear, which jolted me out of that state. As soon as we feel fear, you know, that’s the flow over with.

I’ve had other experiences where I feel my hands going inside bodies when I’m working with energy. Of course, my hands aren’t really going anywhere. But again this shows that we are so much more than this physical vessel of our body.

Dr. Andrea – Something that you and I have talked about before is that you feel everybody is on a path, an ascension path. We are moving upwards in terms of our levels of consciousness and our awareness. So tell us a little about how you see that path, and how that ties in with your work as a mystic and an energy healer.

Karin – It’s really about how we integrate our 3D lives, if I can call it that, with our 5D existence, on a more regular basis. In our 5D reality there is only love, compassion, empathy. There’s no time, no space. That was one of my magical experiences, understanding this. So this ascension path is really just dealing with our emotions – which is energy in motion. When energy or emotions get stuck in our system, as far as I can see, this prevents us from being who we are really here to be.

So as we ascend to these higher states of consciousness we can give off more light, we can receive more light, and that makes me think of the experience I had with you! When we had our first Skype chat, this amazingly strong energy came through me, probably the strongest I’ve ever felt. It made me need to lie down afterwards!

So getting in those higher states of consciousness, and once we know what to do with that light, we can just give it off.   Releasing those sparks of light allows more to come in. It’s magical!

Dr. Andrea – I do think it’s magical, but I also love how you believe that if we could tune in to these higher states of consciousness, we would see that magic is around us all the time. Even just starting here in our 3-dimensional world by noticing the synchronicities all around us.

The idea behind this book, Magic and Miracles, was for each of us authors to share our experiences, so we could all realize that maybe there is more out there that we can tune into. Maybe there is a guiding force that wants the best for us, even if we’re in really challenging situations, like you were with your son and then your divorce.  These things happened, and yet your experience was that we can tune into these higher state of consciousness and joy, even when everything seems to be falling apart.

If I had been in your shoes, I feel like I would have had a pity party! Yet you connected to joy, so I wonder, how do you look at that now? When all this was going on in your world, the magic was quite new to you. So I wonder how you managed to not fall back into the typical, habitual way of thinking, that life is hard, and instead staying connected to joy.

Karin – I think for me it was just having had these spontaneous, miraculous occurrences back in 2010. How I look at it now, is that these occurrences were preparing me for the ensuing chaos.

There are obviously practices that help too, such as mediation, that enable me to get into that vibration. Life happens and we shift in and out with the expansion and contraction of the universe. People around me really didn’t understand how I coped with the chaotic parts of my life. It’s because I’d had these wonderful experiences – and if I hadn’t, I don’t think I would have coped.

I really want to give that message of hope, that everything is divinely orchestrated. When we are going through chaos, it’s actually there for us.

It’s not against us, even though it hurts. It’s painful, but it’s helping us open up our hearts and getting us into a different place completely. When we go through chaos and trauma, there is always a magical gift for us on the other side.

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