While this post is a little glimpse behind the scenes from my day presenting at TEDx Peterborough, it’s more an opportunity for me to shout from the rooftops about some of my wonderful mentees!

Some of my Global Luminaries have been with me for over two years now, and have grown exponentially in that time. From their early days at my Personal Branding Bootcamp online course, just getting their heads around their message and their first websites in some cases – some of them took the huge step up onto the TEDx stage with me this April.

Could I be any prouder of them? I already feel so full of excitement for them that I could burst, but I know there is even more to come from each of them.

So let me give you a little peek (with pictures) into the minds and hearts of my tribe of brave Lightworkers as they wait patiently backstage at TEDx Peterborough.

Backstage Talk…

Of course there were nerves, there always are at any speaking event, no matter how big or how small.  When it’s something as important as TEDx, you do feel the weight of responsibility that little bit more.  You have to be clear, powerful, yet concise enough to make your mark in just shy of 18 minutes.

But nerves are in part what brings people together backstage.  I was there with three mentees and all of our support crew of family and friends.  So we had plenty of backup already.  But what’s really noticeable at an event like this is how you instantly connect with other speakers and supporters who you’ve never met before.

When you are all there with a common goal, beautiful connections are made.  This is really the biggest take home from being backstage at TEDx…

It’s all about the network! It’s all about support and thriving together.

If you’ve ever been to a small scale networking event, you will notice the organisers try not to have two people in their group who are in the same line of business. If that happens then things tend to get uncomfortably competitive.

When you get to the hallowed stages of TEDx, the vibe totally changes. Everyone there, in my experience, has an abundance mindset and knows there is more than enough to go around. Competitiveness is replaced with love and total support. Connections are made, and it feels less like networking, more like bonding.  It’s a world apart, and I think that many of us will be collaborating on projects in the future.

When you get a group of Lightworkers together in a small, magical space like TEDx, the vibes get pretty big.

The Growth Game – How much can change in a matter of months

In recent months, my private mentees have ticked some of the following goals off their lists with the sort of momentum that only comes when you are truly in love with your work.

  • Becoming a Best Selling author, topping the Amazon charts and selling thousands of copies
  • Giving their first TEDx talks
  • Fully booking out their services
  • Giving up their old jobs to go global with their passion
  • Launching their own global movement
  • Getting host spots on US radio
  • Having their interviews published on Thrive Global

Accolades and accomplishments aside, the best part of all of this, is that these wonderful Lightworkers are doing their dharma full time. Our world needs their skills and compassion more than ever.

If these talented people were trapped in their old jobs then sure, they would still be serving people, but in a much more localized way. As Global Luminaries with the eyes of their social media fans and now the ears of the TEDx audience – their work, their messages, their light can reach more people than ever before.

I believe that my dharma, my role here on earth, is to help facilitate this – helping more Lightworkers step onto their true paths. So I’m delighted to be a mentor to these proactive and brave luminaries. Long may it continue!

If you see yourself in this blog post, or if that little voice within is pestering you to act, then could you be next?

I’m taking another small group of Global Luminaries under my wing this spring!


Just before I open the doors to the next Global Luminary intake, I’m holding a one-off live Masterclass online. This is for you if you think you are being called but want to get a better understanding of what going global really entails.

I will be LIVE on Wednesday, April 17th, at 7pm Paris / 6pm London / 1pm New York / 10am Los Angeles.

Grab a spot here while places are available, and I will see you soon!

I will leave you with this wonderful short film by David Oddgeirs of Solveig’s mentoring with me in Cannes just prior to TEDx Peterborough, and a few more pictures too.