Interview with Miriam Thiel-Alberts

Miriam Thiel-Alberts grew up in Germany, travelled the world as a stewardess and lived in the US, the UK, Italy, and Denmark. After hanging up her airline uniform she went off to film school, where she studied scriptwriting.

She now works as a Writer, Animal Communicator and Healer, and Equine Coach. Miriam developed the Writing from the Heart with Horses method and her approach to teaching creative and biographical writing with her equine co-facilitators is unique. Her gentle and creative process with horses helps participants to connect with their subconscious stories in order to let go of old belief systems, move on from past trauma, and find their authentic voice.

In my new co-authored book, Magic and Miracles, Miriam shares the story of learning to communicate with her horse, Golden Arrow, who was the inspiration for her spiritual journey. He continuously guides her to explore the connection between the animal kingdom, Mother Earth, and humans.

Dr. Andrea – The story you share in your chapter of Magic and Miracles, Talking to Golden Arrow, is full of magic! This book is really to help us all reconnect to a sense of magic in our lives. But for me, I’ve always loved the idea of a happily ever after. I’m one of those people who watches a movie, expecting there to be a happy ending!

But your story really is a transformation tale of your own personal healing, which gives us so much hope for a happily ever after in our own future, out here in the real world.

Miriam – I’ve believed in magic from a very young age, and I believed there was a prince waiting for me on a white horse too. As you know, in my story I got the white horse before I got the prince! But growing up, something was holding me back.

There was a lot of emotional dysfunction in my family, and as I grew up I started to believe that I wasn’t good enough and that it wouldn’t happen for me.

I needed to reconnect to that magic, to find my ‘inner princess’ and get my happily ever after. It was connecting to my horse that helped me get there.

Dr. Andrea – I love this because you and I actually have a lot in common. Besides being animal lovers, we have both had experiences in our lives that have led to us feeling the need to make changes externally or seek approval from others in order to feel love.

From what you’ve told me about yourself as a child asking your mom about princesses, and her explaining to you that if you’re not born into a royal family you just can’t be one – that was something that really influenced your life, right?

Miriam – I began to understand that if you weren’t born with ‘everything’, then you needed to acquire it, to work for it, so that people would like you. So working and achieving became a coping mechanism for me. So doing things, living in New York, becoming a stewardess and flying all over the world, then becoming a writer and going to film school.

  I always had to be doing something interesting or improving myself to be loveable.

I got to the point where I became so tired, and I thought, “If I don’t stop this now, I’m going to fall over.”

So the coping mechanism worked for a while, to keep me going. But I wasn’t able to really connect with people during that time, as I was simply too busy doing, I wasn’t ‘being’.

Dr. Andrea – So as you transitioned from working so much, you had the opportunity to take care of some horses. And as you share in Magic and Miraclesthere was a connection with the animals.

Miriam – I was living in Denmark and working at a film school there as a lecturer. Because I was very lonely at this time, with no friends near where I lived, I started horseback riding again. I remembered a wish I had when I was younger to have my own horse. I think everyone that rides has this wish at some point!

I started looking for horses for sale. I met Golden Arrow, and my first thought was, “I’m not going to buy this horse!”

He was wild, too expensive, and nobody could ride him.

A week later, the seller rang me back and said she wanted to give me Golden Arrow for free. Something in me knew I should say yes. He had been up for sale at €3000, and now he was being offered to me for free. When I said yes, it was not about the money, but about feeling that I could take him on, as wild as he was.

In hindsight, I thought about what had changed, and it was my expectations. If I had paid €3000 for him, I would have had the expectation to have a working horse. But taking him on without that cost, or that expectation, it was different.

But I should say that I wasn’t, and I’m still not, a horse trainer!

Dr. Andrea – So how did you eventually get this deep connection with Golden Arrow?

Miriam – Well because I wasn’t a horse trainer I knew I needed to get help. So I got a trainer involved. Then I thought about what I could do to support the bonding. At first I didn’t know where to start.

I had met Charlotte Banff before and I knew she was an animal communicator. So I began learning to communicate with animals too. I learned healing and did this with him, and just spent time being with him.

Dr. Andrea – This is something you’ve said to me before, that you really want to help people understand that animals can be our mentor, our coach or therapist. I have a dog, and I’ve always loved them because they give that unconditional love. I can be gone for just five minutes and she’s so happy to see me when I come back!

But this idea you share, of just being present with the animal, I really love. You didn’t have to be a perfect rider, or a horse trainer, it was just your presence that began your connection, right?

Miriam – I think what happened with Golden Arrow began because I made myself available. Just like in a relationship, when you start being present and available, you can start dancing together. But you really need to be together before that can happen.

In my earlier life when I was traveling a lot, I was never there and it wouldn’t have been possible. With a horse, because they are very sensitive to what you are thinking and feeling, I had to learn how to just ‘be’.

Looking back, I can see this doesn’t just happen with horses. It works with all animals, and with the people in our lives too.

Dr. Andrea – Well I don’t want to give away too much of the story from the book. But in your chapter of Magic and Miracles, you share how Golden Arrow led you to find your prince. But there was an interesting thing about the communication.

So was it after you started studying animal communication that you were able to hear Golden Arrow tell you that he wanted to be in a film?

Miriam – It was quite funny because I had expected something maybe more dramatic or spiritual from him. And then my horse told me he wanted to be in a film. I was so surprised that an animal could be so precise in saying what he wanted.

Everybody can do this; we can all connect to our animals and hear them. The reason why we often don’t hear or feel is that we shut it down so as to not get information and sensation overload. So you need to take the walls down, or take the cotton wool out of your ears in order to hear.

While I was learning animal communication we concentrated on sensing and feeling, and this leads up to hearing.

The thing is everybody can sense and hear animals, but sometimes we don’t believe it is true. This is where the magic comes in. When we believe in magic, we can see it. We can hear our animals.  

It’s when the ego gets involved that we get confused and say, “This is not possible”.

Dr. Andrea – So as a scriptwriter, you made a film about talking to Golden Arrow, which went on to win awards at film festivals. And this film is what led you to meet your prince!

Miriam – That’s right. It was the nudge that I needed from my horse, to get me making that film. So I started the process to make a documentary about horse training, healing and communication. But what came from that was a very personal film about how I overcame my childhood drama and trauma, and how I was led to where I was.

Through both making the film, and through watching it afterwards, I gained a lot of perspective on my situation. I saw how much my life had changed; from being a little girl who didn’t know how to find her happily ever after, to getting my horse and communicating with him.

When my film was premiered in New York at the Horse Film Festival, I met up with my now husband!  I had known him before, and as he was living in Los Angeles at the time, I asked if he wanted to come.

Dr. Andrea – I think it’s wonderful that Golden Arrow nudged you to invite him!

Miriam – This was very strange. We were riding out, and Golden Arrow was sending me some signals. I was seeing images of New York, and I was there with somebody else. I couldn’t ignore what he was showing me, but at the same time I thought all he wanted me to do was make the film.

But that wasn’t it. He didn’t like standing in front of the camera – he was afraid of it. When he communicated for me to invite my now husband, I was very surprised. This whole journey hadn’t been just about the film, but about me connecting with my prince in New York.

Dr. Andrea – I love that this inspires your current work, helping people to write with animals and their consciousness. So what’s your vision for the future?

Miriam – So I’m still writing, but in a different way than I was before. What the animal communication taught me was that there is so much wisdom to tap into. Animals are so ready and happy to help us. Instead of asking animals, “Would you rather have apples or carrots?” – Instead, I now ask them about what really matters; the big questions about life.

Because animals live in the now, their perception is completely different to ours. 

I’m the translator in a way, between animals and humans. When I’m working with somebody with the help of an animal, I will use the message from the animal as a starting point to coach from. For example, if the message is, “Start working on your dreams”, I can ask the person what that means for them.

With one person, this message about working on her dreams came from her horse, and her answer was, “I want to write.” And so this was the start of me working with her on moving towards that. She did start writing.

Dr. Andrea – All throughout the book, Magic and Miracles, we are talking about how what we can see with our eyes is not all that’s there in the world.

It seems like each of these animals are attracted to us to be a part of our life journey. As a doctor and therapist, I’m very used to hearing about equine therapy for people. So I wonder, do you think that we can get the same sort of healing and guidance from other animals, besides horses?

Miriam – Yes! I believe that these messages can come from anything living; including nature, as well as wild animals and domestic animals. I get messages from wild birds too.

We are all energy, and so is everything around us. This is about connecting to another energy field; be it a cat, bird, or another animal. And there is healing in connecting.

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