If you are confused or curious about why and how I combine my background as a medical doctor and acupuncturist with my artistic passions for communication and media production, this random FaceBook Live rant explains it!

For those who are curious why I do what I do…this one’s for you!

Especially in light of the Life Purpose Masterclass with Duke Sayer 🙂

Posted by Andrea Pennington on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

As I explained in my first TEDx in Monaco I truly believe that my decades of depression were closely related to me not living and loving my authentic Self. After hitting rock bottom and totally giving up on life, I handed everything over the God. And that’s when things got really weird and woo-woo! 

I had an out-of-body experience, very similar to a near death experience where I went into a white light, crossed over to ‘the other side’ where I met God/Guides who showed me my entire life. I felt completely blissful as I merged into Oneness with the Divine…that space of unconditional love and peace inspired me to share what I learned with the world.

After that experience, I changed my life drastically. And I’ve never been happier! Depression and anxiety left me completely.

My creative passion and love for helping others is now poured in equal measure into my work as a wellness + empowerment mentor as well as in my personal branding and media production agency, Make Your Mark Global.

If you’d like to explore how to tap into your authentic self and live according to your soul’s true calling, then check out the “Living Your Soul’s True Purpose” Masterclass. 

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