Important points along the year’s journey

Happy New Year! Are you excited for the possibilities ahead? This time of year is always so full of promise, I really love the energy of early January. ✨

This New Year I’ve decided to email you my plans and events for the whole year ahead!

If that seems a bit too organized, then let me explain the reason…

My calendar for 2019 is planned in chronological order, to take my Lightworkers, coaches and authors on a journey from the birth of their idea, through the stages of personal branding in the right order, to get them out into the world shining their light and spreading their message.

As heart-led soulpreneurs we typically know really well what we want to do to help our future clients – but maybe we struggle to articulate what this is, or we don’t know how to develop a platform to share our work from.

This is where branding comes into play, and it’s something I can help you with, working through the different stage across the year. If this is your dream then by this time next year you could be established in your role, helping your ideal clients and loving your work.

There are essentially 5 key stages to becoming a Global Luminary, and I’ve summed them up on a page for you. Click either HERE or on the small graphic to the right, and it opens up as a PDF you can download. This gives you an idea where you are starting from, and where you need to go.

But if you are a bit overwhelmed about which of you interests to focus on in your business, or how to get started, then I have a free on-demand masterclass for you. Find it here.

When you look at these 5 stages alongside my calendar for 2019 (below) you can plan ahead now and see what’s coming up that you would like to join in with, and pencil the time for yourself in your calendar.

Here’s what’s coming up this year!

January to March

I’m kicking things off with a series of videos on Burnout & Resilience, which is the subject of a new group book I’m writing this year!

My Personal Branding Online Bootcamp begins in February. This is a day 10 group push together to work through my training modules in under two weeks, getting your brand identity set up and working for you, with live Q&A sessions with me via Zoom.

Then at the end of February I will be in Los Angeles for a book launch.

April to June

In early April I will be back in the UK with my private TEDx mentoring group, leading them to the big stage for their own recorded live practice sessions. While I’m here, I’m going to be presenting my third TEDx too. I’m not allowed to tell you the title yet – so I will just have to say, “watch this space!” 😉

The weekend of 18th & 19th May is my annual Stories With Soul LifeWriting Workshop. This is something I invite all my Make Your Mark Global upcoming authors to, but I also open tickets up to the public. It’s a weekend of story crafting, following the structure of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, weaving in the authenticity and vulnerability of the story teller to write a book, manuscript or speech that captures hearts and minds.

Then in June, I think I will be having my most exciting month yet. As you may know, for a long time I have felt the call to activate and support Lightworkers all over the world to share their talents and grow a profitable business from working in their zone of genius.

So in June this year I will be hosting my first Global Luminary Activation Event – a retreat and workshop designed to teach you the essential steps to soul-led, successful business, and getting your superpowers truly activated.

July to September

In July, class begins for my Media Success Online Course – a fast and powerful process for those ready to step up onto a global stage this year.

July 21st to 26th I’m in California again, at 1440 Multiversity with Karena Virginia. We are teaching another self-compassion themed retreat and workshop for those looking to improve their relationship with themselves.

August and September for me and the team will be filled with looking after our group book authors, as they get ready to release their wisdom into the world on paper! I’m also going to take a summer holiday with my daughter – rest is important and I’ve gotta practice what I preach!

October to December

The last quarter of the year will be full of workshops and book promo parties in Cannes, France. This year for the first time, my authentic speaker training, Speak From The Heart, takes place in Cannes too. It has been London the last couple of years, but it feels like time to switch up the energy. So if you’re coming this year, you can combine your work trip with a little time by the seaside on the French Riviera!

Our three group books for the year will be launched, promoted and celebrated like crazy, which takes us right up to the holiday break!

So… will 2019 be your year to share your superpowers with the world?

Booking details for workshops and events will start rolling out soon, so keep an eye on your inbox if any of my offerings speak to you. And you can block out the time in your calendar now.

In the meantime, there is one big offer that’s ready for you to take advantage of right now. It’s for anyone wishing to add speaking as a branch to their business. Not just the skills of speaking and speech crafting – although those are essential – but the whole package of business training around this, is available in my partner offer with We Fill Events.

I’ve teamed up with Levi Sanford and Josh Smith, who really are experts in the field of speaking as a business, to bring you this comprehensive package. My role in this is my video training modules from my (otherwise private) TED-style speaker training, plus a regular live Q&A video conference, where you can get my personal feedback directly.

It’s a sweet deal. So if this speaks to you, watch this video to learn more.

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