Life Re-written is the new book series by Dr. Andrea Pennington featuring authors from around the world who each share a story of personal triumph and thriving in their life after trauma.


The first book in the series is “Life After Love, Sex & Relationship Trauma: Break the Silence to Inspire Resilience”

What we’ve seen in the last year since the #MeToo movement gained momentum is that sharing our personal experience of past trauma or abuse doesn’t make us weak, it proves we are strong!

Men and women around the world are urged to share their personal experience of overcoming the shame and stigma of past abuse or addiction in the area of love, sex or relationships.

This is an opportunity to reclaim your power by breaking the silence that keeps so many people trapped in secrecy and shame. To heal, to fully recover and THRIVE, we need to release the trauma of the past. Sharing your personal story in a supportive, therapeutic writing process can be a beautiful way to inspire others and prove that our past doest NOT limit us from living a beautiful, happy and fulfilled life.”

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Life Rewritten is an author funded book series which will be full of inspirational stories from people who have gone beyond the pain or trauma to reclaim their power and to live fully.

The first book in the series is based on the theme of recovering from Live, Sex & Relationship Trauma – for those ready to share their story with the world.

Do you have a story of true recovery and resilience? The world needs stories like these.  There are so many people who would love to know that there is the possibility of living a joyful, intimate and fulfilling life after love trauma.  They need to hear from you!

Break free from fear & doubt as a writer. Dr. Andrea helps you confidently craft your story to inspire the world.

New to writing? Feeling a little nervous about how to craft your story? Have no fear!

Now you can confidently craft your personal story as a co-author in this collaborative book with the help of 20-year media pro and bestselling author, Dr. Andrea Pennington of Make Your Mark Global.

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