Just before our recent GLÆ (Global Luminary Activation Experience) event in Cannes, I got together with our Luminary Leaders to talk with them about what they would be sharing with our event attendees. But Áshildur Hlín Valtýsdóttir wasn’t only brining herself and her teachings to GLÆ, she also transported a big, beautiful gong with her!

Why?  Sound is powerful.  When the gong is played well it helps us change our brainwaves from Beta to Alpha and Theta, allowing us to relax into a meditative state.  From here, we can get access to those issues that were previously just out of our reach.

Dr. Andrea – You recently shared a quote with me:

“The gong is a sacred threshold.  It is a portal that links the finite and the infinite experience of the self.”

Yogi Bhajan

This really struck me as so beautiful, because we as Lightworkers, as spiritual entrepreneurs, we are at this beautiful intersection.  Bringing the wisdom that we get from the divine, or from the infinite, to earth to help our clients.  And I love that quote because I do feel that sound therapy is a magical portal.

So you’ve been an educator, a certified life coach, and now you’re doing even more! What was it that first inspired you to get involved with the gong?

Ása presenting live at GLÆ with Cristiana Durante

Áshildur – It’s been a truck load of synchronicities just following one after the other.  To begin with I played the piano for many years, so I’m familiar with playing an instrument.  And I studied reflexology too. 

My mother has been a reflexologist for 40 years, so that’s in my blood somehow.  So I’m familiar with the concept of massaging the feet having an effect on the whole body.

I also had that experience from working with coaching clients of working with the depths of the soul and going deep.  Then it was a coincidence that I bought the gong.  There was a woman who wanted to have a big event with ten gongs playing.  I didn’t have a gong at that time, but I feel something in me telling me to get involved.

So I did, and now coming to GLÆ with you, France will be the fifth country I visit with my gong.

But playing the gong is not like playing the piano.  It’s like playing the body and the soul.  The body is mapped on the gong, so I do play according to what I really want to affect.

Dr. Andrea – I hadn’t heard that before!  Of course, with reflexology the feet are mapped to the body.  But I didn’t know that was the case with the gong.

Evening meditation in the garden

Áshildur – The heart is the core. Around the outer part is your aura.  And everything in between is mapped to the body.  This is an innate talent that I have, so the gong is like an old friend coming to me.  For example, when somebody talks to me about something that wants to be opened up or addressed, my brain just immediately visualizes the place on the gong to play and how to play it.

I am practicing as well, I haven’t played it for many years, but somehow this innate talent is just growing and becoming stronger and stronger.  It’s really something subconscious and under that ‘iceberg’.

Dr. Andrea – You know, I’d only heard of a gong bath for the first time a couple of years ago.  I was in London, and I thought it sounded like a cool, new-agey thing.  But I was so impressed with the profound level of relaxation I felt.  So I felt like, for our Global Luminary Activation Experience where we are leading people through these 5 stages of building a spiritually-based business, we needed to get passed our blocks.

There are so many potential millionaires in the spiritual business world, but to get there we all have to get over those blocks around earning, and those blocks around the fear of being seen.  There are things we need to deal with internally, psychologically, that as you say, might be just hidden under the surface in our subconscious.  So I love that working with the gong and doing guided meditations, people are going to be able to open up in very gentle ways.

Áshildur – Yes, I can tick all of those boxes with my own journey, working through those blocks.  It’s important to me that people know I do my own homework.  It’s not that I came fully ready to play this instrument.  I am doing my homework on myself everyday.

To hear the rest of our conversation, where Ása and I get into the science behind the sound, watch our full interview here on YouTube.

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