Have you ever been captivated by a speaker; either in a live setting, or even just watching a TED talk on YouTube?

If you wondered where that magical connection you felt came from, do you know you can achieve the same effect yourself? Yes, we all have the ability to speak to the hearts of our audience members; even if we are new to speaking or very nervous.

If you can connect with your heart, then you can connect with the hearts of others. It really is about authenticity. When we speak from the heart, it has a kind of resonance with others that just cannot be ignored.

And it can’t be faked either. Subconsciously, we all know if a speaker is sharing from their heart or not.

Have you ever listened to someone and felt kind of ‘icky’, like they were trying to sell you or sway you on purpose? That’s the difference. When you are honest, open and authentic, people feel this on the subconscious level.

Check out this special conversation between world-class speaker trainer and transformational teacher, Steinar Ditlefsen and Andrea Pennington.