In the run up to GLÆ (our Global Luminary Activation Experience live event in Cannes last month) I began interviewing our wonderful Luminary Leaders.  We had a wonderful team of Luminaries confirmed to teach and support our tribe on a whole range of business topics, from the ‘how to’ and strategy side, to the emotional aspects of understanding your soul’s purpose here on this planet.

Somebody who made a huge impact with her teachings on talents and strengths is Jungian Psychologist, Ofkje Teekens.

Ofkje publishes a range of card decks that make the process of self-discovery fun and much more approachable, especially for younger people, or those who have little experience of personal change work.

I first came across the work of Carl Gustav Jung when I was in college.  Being fascinated by the mind, I was very excited when I first met Ofkje, as I got to talk psychology with a fellow enthusiast and Lightworker!

Earlier this year we got together at Ofkje’s home in The Netherlands, and my daughter and I got to learn about our own archetypes first hand from an expert.  I can tell you it’s a great way to start looking inward and listening to your subconscious desires and goals.

If psychology and self-discovery also awakens some nerdy curiosity in you, then enjoy our conversation about the archetypes, passions and strengths through the lens of Jungian Psychology.

Interview with Ofkje Teekens

Dr. Andrea – So Ofkje, I’m going to start with a weird question!  What’s your favorite thing about Carl Jung’s archetypes?

Ofkje – Jung wrote a lot of things about the archetypes; that they have a light side and a shadow side.  And everybody has 74 of these archetypes, or ‘talents if you like’ inside of them.

A few cards from Ofkje’s Talent deck, including her favorite, the Jester.

Usually in the daytime you work with 10 or 12 or them, and of those you have 3 favorites.  With these 3 you can really find your mission!  So I make a lot of games to work with, and my newest one is about archetypes and talents, which I am bringing to GLÆ.

My favorite archetype is the Jester.  It’s a lot of fun – sometimes a bit cynical – but I like it a lot.  I also really like the Miracle Worker archetype; he helps me with my business trajectories and with my clients.

When I work with my clients in this way, we identify talents, but I often find that they have a lot of hidden talents too.

When I look to you, my dear, I see it’s about your singer, your Musician.  And when I had this one come up for me for the first time, I decided to take singing lessons at 50 years old.

Ofkje teaching at GLÆ

The musician, most of the time, is a hidden talent that we discover when we are older.  This happens because when you sing as a kid, if somebody tells you that sounds bad, then you put that archetype away in a draw for a long time. 

It’s similar again with your Artist archetype.  If you get a “what’s this” reaction to your drawings, then again that goes into a drawer.

Dr. Andrea – In my case I was told that I couldn’t rely on my Artist for the rest of my life to sustain myself.

Ofkje – Of course, when you are good at what you do then you can make a living.

But I also want to talk about the co-operation with our archetypes.  Working with your archetypes you can build a foundation to stand on and feel strong.  You can feel real power when you work with your archetypes.

Ofkje talking about the King and Queen archetypes at GLÆ

So this is what I do with clients, using their imagination to visualize.  I ask them to close their eyes and we go into their inner Kingdom and meet with all their archetypes.  When you do this, your archetypes really give you a lot more information from your subconscious. 

So for you, you have identified your Singer.  But when you go within and meet your Singer, they will give you answers to questions you have.

Dr. Andrea – I love that this is about bringing forth what is already within us; whether is had been hidden or it had just been denied due to pressure from our parents, for example. 

Ofkje – It can come from our parents, that’s for sure.  But in getting to know our archetypes better we gain not only a better understanding of ourselves, but more self-esteem and personal empowerment.  It’s also fun too.

Watch the full interview on YouTube to hear more from Ofkje about discovering your inner Kingdom and integrating your archetypes into your daily life. You can also order your very own set of Talent Archetype cards from Ofkje here.

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