How often to the small joyful things in life break through the filter of city noise or constant busyness that so may of us are enveloped in on a daily basis?

While we hear Instagram influencers telling us to ‘be mindful’, or our kids momentarily draw our attention to the present moment, it is still all too easy to get swept along.

As a meditation teacher and acupuncturist I see it in students and patients alike.  We are so distracted that we miss out on the simple joys of daily life.

So let me ask you – what brings you joy?

If you pause to think about it, even for a moment, I wonder if you will start to feel joy without even trying to.  Even just remembering a joyful moment reawakens those feelings, and before you know it you might find yourself smiling…

Are you smiling right now?

This is how simple it can be!

We can all benefit from a simple reminder, and two ladies who really grasped this concept and ran with it, are Elspeth Kerr and Sarah Strong.

These two ladies are the creators of a brand new deck of Joy Cards, designed to be used for daily guidance, or to answer a question that has been burning away in your soul. I am proud to say that they chose to publish their beautiful Joy card deck with us at Make Your Mark Global, so we get to be a part of this journey with them.

Of course, I was keen to sit down with them both and talk more about what inspired them to create their cards initially, and then how the process unfolded, from the words and numbers used, to the photography, done by Sarah herself.

Interview with Elspeth Kerr & Sarah Strong

Dr Andrea – So you two are together in Cyprus right now, and we are all together today to celebrate the launch of these babies, The Joy Cards. Congratulations!  It has been quite a journey to get to this point.  Has it been a year I think, since you first mentioned this idea of publishing your own deck of cards?

The Joy Cards, by Elspeth Kerr & Sarah Strong

Why don’t you tell us a bit about who you both are, and what inspired you to create this beautiful deck of 33 cards, with your original photography and words of inspiration.

Elspeth – It was always a dream of mine to have my own deck of cards.  From over the years I’ve got so many decks of cards from others, which I’d often bring out for workshops or working individually with clients, and sometimes they are just there on my shelf. 

So my idea was to have a small deck of cards, and obviously the word ‘joy’ came out.   

I feel a lot of people have lost their joy on their journey, or have given their joy away, or perhaps lost their joy through a certain set of circumstances. 

So I wanted a small deck of cards that people could bring with them to carry their joy always.  This was the premise of me wanting to do them.

Obviously, I knew Sarah.  I had met her here in Cyprus – she actually left and then came back – she had to return so we could create this deck of cards together.  It’s my wish to see these Joy Cards going around the world, or the Omniverse as I like to say; OM meaning peace, so sending peace, joy and love to the universe.

 Dr Andrea – Elspeth, your work is in Reiki and all sorts of healing, so tell us about that.

Elspeth –

I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and there was literally nothing in mainstream medicine that could help me. 

I went down all avenues, then got into Reiki.  Now I do Reiki combined with hypnotherapy, reflexology, soul readings…  You name the modality I think I’ve done it – NLP too. 

So when I do a reading I put all these modalities into looking at the cards.  I’m looking at the soul level.

Dr Andrea – Sarah, tell us about your background.

Sarah – I’m also a holistic therapist, working with pretty much the same modalities as Elspeth.  The photography part came much later for me.  It’s only just been 4 years since I first picked up a proper camera.  And it’s just felt organic, it was just meant to happen.  These are things we are just meant to receive them and understand.  I’m still learning with the understanding part!

But I don’t think of it as ‘love’ per se, but the relationship with yourself, your self-love and being who you are in spirit.  That’s a higher vibration, and we can choose to move up through these levels and share who we are.

It’s been quite a journey.  I’ve travelled through probably 14 countries in the last 3 years, and these cards actually represent a lot of my traveling.  Many of those countries are represented in the cards, but Cyprus the most and being our common link – we call it The Island of Love.

Photography is the only thing, well, apart from riding my bike, that really brings me to the present moment.  When I do healing on someone, that heals me too.  And photography has brought in this gift from above that really keeps me present, and I’m really guided in it.  I know when I need to wake up at 4am and walk in a certain direction, and when the moment is I hear, “take that photo now.”

So I’m really blessed to have this, and photography has just healed my life in a big way.  And I’m really blessed to have this relationship with Elspeth; I just know it’s what we were sent here to do, to impart joy.

And it really has been a journey for me, a joyful one!  We’ve encountered problems but I’ve learnt so much and have become able to be at peace with so many things.  So if I can just shine that light out and just bring that back to the world with the words on our cards, then hopefully we can get the world’s attention. 

It’s totally meant that people receive our heartfelt wishes, and it’s truly infused with love.

Watch the full interview and hear the full story here on YouTube.

Would you like your very own set of Joy Cards to carry with you, use in your daily life, or perhaps to use with your own clients?  Reach out to the lovely Elspeth via email to place an order: