Interview with Lene Heiselberg Vang

Today, Lene Heiselberg Vang works with young adults as a teacher and a mentor, to help them find their next step in life. Lene and her husband run a retreat and course venue where people can come and connect with nature and their hearts’ wisdom by staying in beautiful Mongolian Yurts. They offer personal coaching sessions and classes to teach people how to connect with nature and feel peace inside.

Lene’s mission is to inspire and help people to connect with their true divine essence and live their life from that blissful state of being.

As one of the 21 authors who co-wrote Magic and Miracles with me, Lene’s chapter in the book takes us on a part of her journey to the life she has now. Finding that the universe was pointing her towards finding love, Lene’s story is one of trying new things and fully trusting in divine guidance.

Dr. Andrea – So in your story you begin back in 2014, talking about how you asked the universe what your next step on the journey was. And the universe said it was time to look for a boyfriend.

Lene – Exactly. That felt a little bit crazy to me and I didn’t think it should be my next step. I had been with a man for a long time and after that ended I thought I should have some time on my own. A bit of alone time and a bit of partying. I had been living on my own for less than a year when I got that message from the universe!

But I thought okay, let’s go for it then. I have learned that if I get messages like that, then it’s probably good to listen, because it leads me in the right direction.

I actually felt quite relaxed about it, and wondered where he would show up, and who I was going to meet. A couple of weeks later at a friend’s birthday party, I met a really lovely couple. They told me about how they met, and they were so much in love. I just felt so sure that I should go home and make an Internet dating profile.

Dr. Andrea – Had you ever tried Internet dating before?

Lene – No, never! This was totally new for me. It felt a little bit weird looking at profiles online. It was like looking at a catalogue, but scrolling through people.

That part I didn’t really like; but it was a good way to connect with people who I may never have met otherwise.

Dr. Andrea – And as it turned out, you were living in one part of Denmark, and the profile that attracted you was for a man named Lars, who lived in a different part of the country. So it’s true, you probably would never have met unless you tried online dating.

Lene – True! So this was how it happened for us. It was crazy as I hadn’t been on the site long. I’d chatted to two or three men, but then Lars showed up and I was sure I had to meet him.

I saw in his picture that he had a beautiful old Volkswagen bus – just the kind I had always dreamed of. Actually, the first time Lars and I met he wouldn’t let me see the bus. He said he wanted to make sure I wanted to meet him, and not just the car!

Dr. Andrea – So you’ve talked about receiving messages, just like the one that told you to look for a boyfriend, and then the one that told you to meet up with Lars. How do these messages come to you?

Lene – To answer that I need to go back in time, as it’s something I’ve been training myself to do for a while. The first time I really experienced it strongly, I was out walking in a forest. I was sitting by a stream, and I stayed there for a very long time. I had decided to sit there until I got some messages that I could use. So I was just sitting and looking at the stream, and I felt as if all the water was running through me.

It was such a beautiful experience and I felt more and more calmness. I was there maybe an hour or two – it was a long time just letting this feeling of water flow. Then I got my message. For a while I had been wondering about my purpose here on earth. I didn’t get what I was here for, what was so good about this life. As this water kept flowing, I had the thought that just dying and going to heaven would be nice. I really thought that I wanted to finish my time on earth.

I was asking the question – how could I change this? And then I got the answer.

“You will not leave from here before you learn to enjoy being alive, enjoy being a human.”

That was a very strong message!

This was the first time I ever got a message like this. It wasn’t like hearing a loud voice or anything like that. It felt more like a thought, but I knew it was from another place.

It was clear and strong, and I just knew it came from another place – something other than my normal mental chitchat.

Dr. Andrea – So it wasn’t just your thoughts. And do you think it was an angel, or God, or your higher self, or some spiritual power?

Lene – To me it’s natural to say it’s God. I could also call it the universe. To me, God is for everybody; for some it could be Buddha. It could be any name, but it’s what connects all of us to something bigger. It’s inside of all of us – so the universe is also a very good name for it. That’s what I call it in my chapter of Magic and Miracles because it is ‘universal’ in a way

Dr. Andrea – How old were you when you were sitting by that stream, receiving this first message?

Lene – I think it was abut 12 to 15 years ago. But it wasn’t the very first message I’d had, just the first one that had been really strong.

Dr. Andrea – Going back to your story in the book. You had met Lars, following a message from the universe. The two of you had started dating. Then in your chapter you move forward in time a few years to the point where the two of you decided to live together and blend your families.

So then the question came up – where would you live? Talk to us about how you found your house!

Lene – That was crazy because we hadn’t known each other very long. We had gone out for a walk. It was winter time, very cold and snowing. Lars had brought a flask of tea with us in a bag. While we were walking, we were talking about living together.

Our first idea was Lars’ house; but it was quite small and he had been living there with his ex wife and the children. The house had fitted his family, but I had two grown up children too. I really wanted to create a place where my children also felt at home and everybody had their space. But we thought we could make it work at his place for a while, and we were just excited about moving in together.

Although we knew that we really wanted something else to move into together, we thought that this was a good start.

So we were walking and talking about moving in together, and as we came to the end of the street we were on, there was a lovely old house with a for sale sign on it. We both like old things and thought it was really nice.

We could see it was empty so we walked around the house and looked into the windows. The living room was such a big and beautiful space, with a high ceiling. It was almost like a church inside. I got some mental pictures of being in that house, and of myself teaching other people how to manifest.

We went around to the garden and had our tea there. We were talking about how nice it would be to have that house. Even though I had a house with my ex husband, and Lars had a house with his ex wife. But we just allowed ourselves to dream about it.

We found out that the house would go to auction ten days later. I had to go home to my children, and then to work the next day. So Lars and I talked about what to do.

We wrote to the lawyer in charge of the house sale, and asked if it was possible to rent the house, and then to buy it later. But he didn’t answer.

With one or two days left until the auction, I decided that I had to go and try. We found out we could raise 10,000 Danish Krone so that we could bid on the house. So I bid and won! I just bought the house and it was totally crazy, as we didn’t have any idea how to find the rest of the money!

The banks were very angry with us for being irresponsible. But we managed to borrow the rest of the money from friends and businesses, and it just felt so right.

Before I went to the auction, I asked for signs a lot. I always do this when I have a big decision to make. So one day when I was driving home from work, I got a strong impulse to go into an antique shop. I was wondering why I was going in, and I almost left. But then at the desk I saw it! There was a little wooden box with a number – the number of our new house, 27.

I got goose bumps all over and just knew it was a sign. And that box hadn’t been there long. I’d been to that shop before and not seen it.

Dr. Andrea – So you got your sign that this house was for you. Are you still living in that house now?

Lene – Yes we are. Were are very happy, it’s just the perfect place for us. It was so funny as after I bought it, I went to that house and I had tears running down my cheeks. I just knew I was home.

Dr. Andrea – I love how your story is about signs, but also you being a participant by asking for those signs. Actively asking the universe what your next step was, then coming together with Lars to create that vision of your future. And then manifesting that money to secure your new home together.

One of the things I’m really interested in is your ability to really see the human soul and it’s qualities. And you shared with me that this has helped you in your work with children who have a variety of diagnoses. And now you are working with adults in your retreats and workshops.

So tell us a little about how you are using your own gifts to help others.

Lene – When I see people, I kind of see behind the façade. And sometimes it’s just about telling them that I can see that; their beauty, their qualities, their fears. It’s kind of telling them that you’re not alone – someone can see you! It’s kind of being a mirror, to show people what they have inside.

I’m not always able to do it. Some people close down and don’t want me to look inside them. And that’s okay. But one of the things that is really helpful for other people to connect to their own inner light, is to spend time in nature. That’s what I do a lot. Almost two years ago now, I was unwell with stress from my work. I had to reconnect to myself. Spending time in nature was how I got myself back.

We live in nature and have a simple lifestyle. When you get closer to nature you get closer to yourself. After a while, that connection brings new hope, new light, new energy and ideas. It’s so important to connect with nature, and animals also.

Something I really want to bring to the awareness of others is that everybody has their own answers. So if we go inside of ourselves, we have all the answers and the connection to the universe.

When I want to manifest something, I imagine I’m going out into the universe, amongst all the stars. And whatever I want to attract, I visualize just taking it. Just imagine reaching out into the stars, grabbing what you want and pulling it into your heart. That works very well for me, and it shows how easy it can be. Actually, when I tell people about the law of attraction, I tell them that you can have everything you want, you just have to believe it.

It’s about choosing it, and not letting the fear stop you. It was like that for me in choosing to be a part of this book and become an author. It was a little scary for me to put myself out here as I’m usually so private. But I realized that if I want to bring something out into the world then I have to start somewhere.

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